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“NASCAR” Project

I built this model as part of an animation for a School District in Michigan. This was the third animation done for them and the second in Blender. Improvements in Blender from Project Orange allowed this job to get done much smoother then with my first project for them. The uv mapped decals are added in POST using Blenders node system. This allowed me to edit the look of the car after rendering was completed!

A scene from the animation. I used Blenders game engine to animate the cones. The old particle system for tire smoke, can’t wait to try the new systems being developed.

The final scene… here the car takes off just as Jack has finished his speach about the new school. Believe me, if your a serious charactor animator you DON”T want to see that part. ;)

The final project was edited in Blender’s sequencer, this worked so well that I have since used Blender for all my video editing projects.

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